Hi I’m Stevie Pearson, my first foray into the colourful world of pro-wrestling began at the age of nine years old, in 1990 when the WWF was in throws of its popularity on SKYTV.

Back when HULKAMANIA was running wild, the brash, muscular and over the top world of wrestling was like nothing that was on TV at the time. As my wanderlust grew I saw more wrestling, ITV in the UK had started showing WCW worldwide in the wee hours of the night, EUROSPORT showed USWA wrestling from Memphis Tennessee and GALAVISION showed LUCHA LIBRE from Mexico. DSF the German channel even showed episodes of GLOW, that’s right I liked GLOW before it had a sitcom!

From then on in, it was Magazines, WWF magazine, PWI, WCW Magazine, Inside Wrestling, Sport’s Review Wrestling, POWERSLAM and others, and of course I went to shows at local venues and saw British stars like BIG DADDY and GIANT HAYSTACKS who a few years previous were on WORLD OF SPORT wrestling on ITV. I proudly purchased wrestling VHS from video shop’s and car boot sales and re-watched every show over and over and over, and then by about 1999 I got on the internet and got into tape trading and message boards talking with other fans like myself. I even had a brief foray into Wrestling working for the Frontier Wrestling Alliance during 2003 that I loved dearly.
But wrestling just lit a chord under my younger self that I guess never left me, and as much as I loved it, studied it and religiously dissected every facet of it. I watched wrestling and my appreciation for it flourished, and in my appreciation a great wonder would emerge and one simple question would overcome my thoughts…

Just who are these people?

Who are these men and women who lace up boots and put on wrestling matches, what do they do in their leisure time? Do they have families? Do they pay bills like the rest of us? And what was it that made them become professional wrestlers?
And the more I found out about wrestler’s and their real life counterpart’s the more fascinated I became, and that fascination that never waned and I decided that I wanted to write about wrestling and The men and woman within it.

So I read and studied up on wrestling’s rich history and background and along my journey I realised that wrestling personalities were produced and marketed by men and woman called promoters and bookers and found them to be equally as compelling themselves. For much like wrestler’s they too are often quite engaging characters, and somewhere along the way I guess a few ideas developed in my head and thus I started writing REAL IN MEMPHIS.

I quickly realised to do that story justice it couldn’t just end as one story, it simply couldn’t be one and done and I thought about it and figured I could probably cover the entirety of the late 1970’s to the early 1990’s as that was often regarded as professional wrestling’s most prominent and fascinating time to be a fan and thus WRESTLING NOIR was born.

I live in a small seaside town of Clacton on Sea and frequent shows as much as I can and I’m always open to discuss wrestling either online or off, whether it’s about it’s great history or what happened on RAW or SMACKDOWN this week, I’m game if you are, so if you see me at ringside sometime, come say hi and have a chat…Maybe even buy a book from me? I’ll sign it for free!

One last thing I’m a big believer in the saying, “If you like what I do, tell others, if you don’t, then tell me.”
Until then, grap fans I’m Stevie Pearson and I’ll see you at ringside.

Stevie Pearson.